5 Best Burger Places in Ljubljana

“So, where are we going to eat?” is probably one of the hardest questions. There are many options, but each one of them has a unique quality – and this is why it’s so hard to decide. If…

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Top 5 shopping locations in Austin, Texas

Austin is well known for its unique concerts, fun festivals, and food trucks, but there are some amazing shopping malls too! Everything from high-end malls with luxury stores, to little local shops with antiques, Austin will definitely give…

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Work from home – how to stay focused?

Even though working from home is not a new phenomenon, COVID-19 pandemic has made it a necessity for many offices around the world. During this period, many employers have realized that they don’t need large office spaces, and…

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Take a tour around the most famous fashion ateliers in Skopje

Clothing is undoubtedly part of our personal style, character, and overall lifestyle. As we age, everyone’s style gradually changes and we know exactly what suits our body. If you want to add a new piece of clothing in your…

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Taste the best burgers in Skopje

There are numerous bars and restaurants in Skopje that offer delicious burgers on their menu, always prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. It is difficult to decide which one is the best burger in Skopje, so we have…

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Top 5 shopping locations in Skopje

The situation that has arisen as a result of the emergence of COVID-19 has significantly affected our consumer habits. Shopping malls remained closed for a long time, which of course, contributed to the problematic procurement of everything we…

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Qpick – the smartest way to keep your loyalty cards

Nowadays, our wallets are packed with at least 5 to 6 loyalty cards from different department stores, supermarkets, beauty salons, and other retailers. This can be not very pleasant for both you and other shoppers, when you are…

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Grocery shopping tips during COVID-19: How to protect yourself

Grocery shopping can be pretty stressful nowadays since health experts are suggesting that people should avoid crowded places as much as possible. But, food and grocery shopping are still essential, so we are sharing some tips on how…

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Top 5 places that should be on your bucket list this Winter!

Did you know that the cheapest time to travel on a budget in Europe is WINTER!? Europe in Winter is gorgeous, but the trick is where in Europe should you go. You can choose from the snowy polar…

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Style guide: Pick the right hat for your winter look

A cozy scarf, cotton sweater, and leather coat are perfect for the cold winter days, but what you need to finish off that winter look is a fabulous hat. There are so many different options when it comes…

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