Taste the best burgers in Skopje

There are numerous bars and restaurants in Skopje that offer delicious burgers on their menu, always prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. It is difficult to decide which one is the best burger in Skopje, so we have prepared an extended list of places that really know how to capture the taste of an original and different burger.

All you have to do is choose what you are going to eat today and make an order, and they will deliver it at your home:

  1. Kiosk Burger Bar

    If you haven’t tried the irresistible burger at Kiosk Burger Bar yet, this is the right time to do so. Besides preparing burgers, they are also known for their snacks, and their vegetarian menu, which means that whatever your preferences are, you will surely find something delicious. They are especially known for their Kiosk burger, made from home-made bread, 100% beef, salads, and a few other magical ingredients that make this burger perfect for all gourmets.

  1. Ресторан Маџо 2.0Proclaimed as the best burger restaurant in the city in 2018, Magio 2.0 Restaurant is a place where the burger is total enjoyment. You will find many varieties of burgers on the menu, so since they are all top-class, we suggest you try as many as possible. One of the most important ingredients of an irresistible burger is the bun, so they prepare it in this restaurant. No matter which burger you choose, we are sure you are going to make the right choice!

  1. Baking Bread BurgersIf burgers are something that you can’t imagine your day without, then Baking Bread will become your favorite place to enjoy good food. Specializing in both classic and unusual flavors, the Baking Bread menu offers over 15 different burgers that you will surely want to try again.
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  • Heisenburger
  • Jesse Pinkman

These are just some of the ones we recommend to taste.

  1. Rock Kafana Rustikana 2.0It is well known that Rock Kafana Rustikana 2.0 is characterized by excellent food made from high-quality ingredients. The rich menu offers something for everyone, but what makes people come back here are their incredibly delicious burgers. Given that they are offered in many varieties, the best option would be to choose their menage-a-trois variant, which allows you to try three different flavors.

  1. M’s Street FoodWhen looking for something fresh, tasty, and juicy, the real destination is M’s Street Food. On their menu, besides juicy burgers, are the great wraps and salads, for those who prefer a healthier option. The latest flavor on their menu is the Special Burger, prepared from quality fresh meat, cheddar cheese, lots of vegetables, and delicious sauce.

If you have already tried their burgers, let us know what your favorite choice is.

We hope that if you haven’t tried these burgers before, you will do it as soon as possible!

Of course, in case you aren’t sure what the right choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is today, you can always join Qpick to discover the latest delicious offerings.

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