Digital technologies for retailers

Technology plays a very crucial role in maintaining a successful business. More and more businesses are relying on technology nowadays and as a result of that, they are accomplishing a variety of tasks much faster and much easier.

Looking at the big picture, it is pretty clear that businesses are operating more efficiently if they know how to use technology correctly. Technology helps businesses to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate, as well as provide checks and controls within and across all aspects of their businesses.

Here are some technologies that every small business should consider using right now:

Cyber Security

The statistic says that businesses today are being assaulted by hundreds of cyber attacks in order to gain access to their sensitive data. There is no question that small and medium-sized businesses need some form of protection from this kind of attacks. Since Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial features of electronic commerce, there is no question that online retailers need proper protocols in place, in order to protect themselves and their customers from the risk of payment fraud. Some of the ways to implement that protection are through monitoring all transactions, utilizing the Address Verification System and require stronger passwords.

Chatbots provide customer service support

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates a human conversation with the help of artificial intelligence. Chatbots are especially used by companies that provide 24/7 services. Since the chatbot is programmed to work independently from the human operator, it provides an immediate response to the customers in natural language.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For those who don’t know, Customer relationship management (CRM) is business software that successfully helps businesses manage customer communication and sales efforts. Well-designed CRM improves sales efficiency and is also making sure that all of your customers get the right attention at the right time, so it improves your customer experience too.

Social media advertising

Small businesses are beginning to adopt social media advertising more actively in recent years since this is one of the best and cheapest ways to connect with the existing and potential customers. The opportunity to create unique and differentiating content is one of the main reasons why social media advertising is rising continuously. This is a great way for people to get to know your brand and your business to grow. One amazing technique is to give good deals, coupons, and discounts, or to allow others to do that job for you.


Qpick is a new startup that allows small retailers and merchants to use location-based ad promotions using Artificial Intelligence to only go to the right shopper, not bothering anyone not interested in the offer. Our company offers to advertise your business in a very creative way, with the purpose of achieving your goals and providing faster growth. Also, with this mobile application, you get the opportunity to collect data on who gets the flyers, when and where.


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