Autumn fashion trends: What are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

Autumn has already arrived, so this is the perfect time to share with you the latest fashion tips from world-renowned stylists, to help you look great all season long and avoid the most common mistakes women make when choosing clothes:

You wear too much black

While there are certainly days when you want your style to be simple, be careful not to stick to black throughout the whole season. Although it is said that you can never go wrong with black, you don’t want your style to become boring.
So, now it’s time to step out of the comfort zone and add fresh colors to your style. The obvious advice is to buy more pieces of clothing with some print or pattern, but you can also choose a combination of two or three colors. This is an easy trick to make sure monotony will never prevail in your appearance.

You choose classic, boring boots

If you can’t wait for fall just so you can wear your favorite boots, then we are pretty sure you own them in large numbers. But, if you own a bunch of pairs that are pretty great and quite simple (read “boring”), then it’s time for a significant change.
This season, opt for some more exciting fall options. Animal print boots, striking colors, and a high platform are just some of the options to help you show off your unique style.

You wear lazy layered clothes

You are wondering what this term means? Well, if you always stick to the same color scheme, choose the basic infinite shades and always decide on a safe option, then you probably belong to this group.
Try to be bolder this fall. Invest in more exciting materials and colors, and use street style as an inspiration to create your unique look. By combining extraordinary pieces of clothing, you can transform dull, layered clothing into a true masterpiece.

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