What are the most common mistakes in Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is being used from over 90% of social marketers, simply because it is easy for use and has a variety of options, making it one of the most popular paid media options for marketers all over the world.

But, this does not mean that every one of them uses this platform in the right way. The practises that Facebook offers are changing frequently and that is why people often make mistakes when it comes to advertising on this popular platform.

So, if you think that your Facebook ads are underperforming and you are not sure how to get them to work better, here are a few mistakes you should always avoid:

Not having a clear, holistic strategy

Being able to explore different angles on how to achieve your most important objectives is what Facebook strategy is all about. The best approach to Facebook advertising is to carefully set a strategic game that will bring you more website traffic, conversions, or immediate sales. 

So, setting your marketing objective is the first step when you create a Facebook Ad. Here you need you to decide what do you want the Facebook user to do. Maybe learn about your brand, visit your website or convert on an offer?

First you need to determine what you want the end-goal for the ad to be, so you can choose more easily which ad objective you need. Choosing the wrong objective will result in spending money on something you didn’t really want.

Neglect the Importance of Images

Images are responsible for 80% of your ad performance, so now it’s the perfect time to pay a little more attention to what kind of visuals you are using in your Facebook ads.

Facebook offers you different ad formats and most of them have the option to include one or more images. For example, if you choose a carousel or slideshow ad format, you will be able to include several images in order to capture the user’s attention easily. 

According to some research, images are viewed and absorbed first before any text is read. So, when you are picking on the right picture for you ad, you need to remember to think about your ad’s offer or purpose, because the image should have a direct connection to the thing you are promoting. Selecting a random stock photo won’t provide value to the offer and it won’t deliver your message in the right way.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Facebook gives marketers the opportunity to select a group of people that should see their ad, while they are active on this platform. This group of people can be based on different things, like demographics, interests, behaviours and etc. 

But, the problem is that marketers often choose the wrong people and they end up with very little conversions. So, if you want to avoid this, the first thing you should do is to get to know your audience. Also, you should be as detailed as possible, because you don’t want an audience that is too broad.

Forgetting to Exclude Those Who are Already Converted

A lot of you make this same mistake over and over again, not realising that it has big implications on your budget and on the customer experience.

So, before you release a campaign, you should check out the offer you are promoting and make sure you exclude individuals who have already converted on it.

Our advice is to use Facebook’s Custom Audience option, so you can be able to exclude these individuals from seeing your ad. This is a smart way to spend less money and not to be annoying for your customers.

If you avoid these Facebook Ad mistakes and plan a great advertising strategy, you can get great results for your business. Also, you should stay proactive and track your ad spend and stay up-to-date about the news in the Marketing world.

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