Marketing trends that will mark 2018

If we make a small review, we can notice that every year there are many articles about marketing trends that companies strive to follow in order to see what is most relevant to their business. This year, as well as others, marketers face a number of challenges, because of the Mark Zuckerberg’s strong focus on reducing the importance of organic posts created by businesses. This will be the reason for marketers to work harder, invest more money, and follow upcoming trends. According to a number of experts the leading trends for this year, that marketers must include in their marketing plans are:

Artificial intelligence.

This trend began in recent years and is expected to continue this year in 2018. The artificial intelligence is becoming more accessible, and according to the Digital Advertising 2020 survey  51% of marketers already use artificial intelligence, and those of who use it 57% think that AI it’s necessary for creating a personalized marketing experience via SMS messages, Push notifications, email marketing as well as content recommendations.In fact, one of the greatest benefits of artificial intelligence is to encourage consumer conversation by means of which one can predict what the consumer wants to buy and when.

Influencer marketing. 

A number of companies are increasingly noticing the importance of implementing this type of marketing. Thus, according to research by in 2017, almost 85% of marketers carried out this kind of campaign. This type of marketing can be said to be one of the most effective ways to increase brand exposure as well as maintain its credibility. This makes it easier for brands to reach their potential customers without losing their targeting hours.

Voice Search.

According to ComScore research, it is estimated that by 2020, 50% of total searches will be voice-based. This rise in voice search affects how consumers look for products and services that force digital marketers to ensure that their content is visible to every type of search if they want their businesses to continue to grow.

Mobile Marketing.

In 2018, mobile marketing is expected to continue to grow, with special emphasis on email messages as they show growth of 83% over the past two years. These email content will be adapted to be read on mobile screens, thus giving marketers the ability to react quickly with timely and relevant content by applying demographic data and location data.

Marketing via Messenger.

Lately, more brands are working to use this type in order to provide support to their customers as well as to perfect their marketing strategies. This type of marketing uses a program commonly known as Chatbot, which, according to recent studies, is expected to account for 85% of interactions with subscribers through them, as currently, 61% of these interactions relate to questions of giving customer service.

Marketing has never been more exciting with so many new opportunities as this year 2018, and the trick for success is only in fast acting and implementing strategies that will incorporate some of these trends. Some of these trends may not be realized this year, but one thing is certain if you want to maintain the same pace of your competitors, you must be aware of every possible trend and the benefits of it.

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