The best shopping locations in Vilnius you should not miss

Whenever we want to travel to another country, we tend to check which shopping center we can visit, in order to buy a piece of clothing, jewelry or some souvenir to remind us of our great time there.

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful days and visit some other countries. So, make sure you have the best time this summer – travel to Lithuania and experience the beauty of this country.
If you are a shopping addict, here are some of the best shopping centres in the capital of Lithuania:


Akropolis is the largest shopping mall in the Baltics by floor area. It is situated on the right-hand bank of the River Neris, 5 km away from the downtown area.

The shopping center is full of shops and tourists often go to visit it. In case shopping isn’t your thing, you can try ice-skating, bowling, or seeing a film. There’s also a good range of restaurants, a supermarket, and a free car park.

These are one of the most visited stores in Akropolis:


Panorama mall is located in one of Vilnius’s oldest and most prestigious residential and commercial districts. The shopping center has 180 shops, 24 restaurants and cafes, family areas and a sports club. It hosts events that provide diverse entertainment for people from all ages.

This is one of the favorite shopping centers for both tourists and local people, because it is absolutely amazing, with hundreds of different shops and people who work there are very polite. One great evidence for this is the number of people that visit it: about 7 million per year.

Here is what we recommend you to visit:


Europa shopping center is a symbol for elegance and comfort. It is founded near the Old Town of Vilnius. Here you will find more than 82 stylish shops, a couple of restaurants and banks. This can only guarantee you that you will find everything – fashionable apparel, accessories, gifts, interior elements. The shops frequently share a lot of promotion activities, discounts, shows and other fun activities for you.

Here are the stores that you should definitely not miss, when you go to Europa:

Are you interested in other shopping centers in Vilnius? Feel free to tell us how much you are interested in Vilnius and Qpick is here to help with choosing the right store for you! If you are interested where are the best discounts and new promotions, make sure to register on Qpick.

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