Take a tour around the most famous fashion ateliers in Skopje

Clothing is undoubtedly part of our personal style, character, and overall lifestyle. As we age, everyone’s style gradually changes and we know exactly what suits our body. If you want to add a new piece of clothing in your wardrobe, we are going to show you the most famous ateliers in Skopje:

  1. Atelier Antonija

    A studio that has nurtured the elegance and glamor of women for 25 years. Each person has their own definition of fashion and they will help you to show your definition in the right light.

  1. Atelier Kocareva

    The look says a lot about the person and her character, so if you want to make a more serious change to your wardrobe, Monika Kocareva will construct the right piece for you.

  1. Iva Spasovska Atelier

    A studio in which your fashion fantasies can be transformed into beautiful pieces of clothing. Regardless of your style, taste, or occasion, Iva will make sure you are unique and different.

  1. Irina Tosheva

    Macedonian brand that has been operating successfully for almost 10 years. The combination of fun, freshness, and futuristic elements is what these fashion creations are characterized by.

  1. Kokev

    This studio is rightly included in the list of the most famous studios in Skopje. Wedding dresses, elegant dresses, and modern pieces are just some of Kokev’s fashion creations.

  1. MCouture by Mila Kadriu

    A good piece of clothing largely depends on the choice of materials, and Mila Kadriu always offers the best to her customers. Focused on wedding dresses and evening gowns, Mila will surely give you a glamorous look.

  1. Elena Luka

    Elena Luka is known for her authentic, avant-garde, and artistic fashion expression, offering urban and recognizable fashion creations. Quality fashion pieces are always made of carefully selected materials and with recognizable rich embroidery.

  1. Atelier Ljutikova

    Atelje Lutikova has been known for her creations, quality, and consistency for 20 years. Always in step with the latest European and world trends, wonderful materials, and great service.

  1. MOSSO Atelier

    MOSSO is a fashion expression that dictates elegance and modernity, offering daily trendy creations, business models and cocktail toilets. Many years of experience give them the opportunity to create a style for each of your stories.

  1. Atelier Blazevski

    You can easily realize what you will imagine in Atelje Blazevski. Made with a lot of love and special attention, each piece is a story in itself. Make sure that if you want to bring freshness to your look, this is the right place for you.

  1. Atelier Drakul

    Luxurious, glamorous, and elegant creations that emphasize women’s beauty and in which you will feel special. For the next big event, Atelier Dracul is the right choice.

  1. Atelier Viktorija Maer

    The wedding day is one of the most important in the life of every bride, and the wedding dress itself should be created in order to make you feel special and comfortable. If your wedding is approaching and you have not yet chosen a wedding dress, this studio will create the most beautiful wedding dress.

  1. Sari Gi Atelier

    A great combination of bold prints, traditional, but also modern elements and striking colors, are what this studio is known for.

  1. Atelier by SonjaWhether it’s cocktail dresses, wedding dresses, or prom dresses, the team at this atelier knows how to capture the right style that will complement your natural beauty.

  1. Zana Aliu

    A studio where there is definitely no lack of creativity. Bold lines, bright colors, but also elegant elements are what each model made in this studio represents.

  1. Fashion Atelier Four TS

    Originality is a characteristic of the brave, so if you want to capture a unique style that will impress everyone, this studio will help you achieve the same.

  1. Atelier Per Sempre

    This studio is run by an extremely artistic and professional designer who is known for his keen eye. A designer who creates timeless, powerful, and unique pieces of clothing.

  1. Mari Kat Atelier

    High quality and creativity, translated through the hands of a professional team, which will surely capture everything you have imagined.

  1. Atelier MATILDA

    When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, it is wise to choose a wedding dress that shows your creativity, personality, and style. And if you’re not sure, the Matilda studio team is here to help you make the right choice.

No matter which atelier is your choice, we are sure you will not go wrong. And if you want to know more about the latest fashion trends and offers in your city, you can always join


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