3 beauty trends that will dominate this season!

If you are obsessed with makeup, you are probably wondering if you will have to renew your collection or the trends will not change significantly.
What is certain is that this year brings color and energy to our faces while leaving enough space for emphasizing natural beauty and achieving no-makeup – makeup looks. It will be a year to remember – no monotony, no clones, with a lot of imagination and color. We are revealing you which beauty trends are waiting for you in 2019.

Bright Lips

Statement lips are so popular. This year we’ve seen so many bold lips on red carpets, especially red, purple and orange. We live in a cool indie time right now where you can take chances with your make-up. The 90s were indie too so those brown lips are back again. But, you need to be careful. Embracing bold lip color can be a bit of a tricky prospect if you aren’t used to wearing it.

Bold eyebrows

This year you need to come away from concealing around the outside of your brows.
A strong brow is always in style and we’ll be seeing them a lot more in 2019. Dark statement brows with a strong and perfected shape and length are the trend that everyone is following now. Even if you don’t have the hairs, don’t be afraid to take a skinny brow pencil and draw a couple of extra ones on. In terms of shape, you always want a more lateral brow, this gives everyone a beautiful shape and opens up your eyes.

Colour pop eyeliner

One thing that is very in right now is tinted eyeliners. It’s not something new, but during the awards season we have seen so much color – there was a lot of washes of blue and green on the eyes.
So, what you need to do is to invest in a colored eyeliner, for example, a navy mascara and a navy eyeliner – it’s cool and modern and you don’t need to have so much technical knowledge to apply it. Also, you need to try a bronze eyeliner instead of the traditional black or brown.

The most important trend is to wear whatever makes you feel best and most comfortable. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, try something new, and of course, be yourself!

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