Spring in Skopje Central park

Spring – Is there anyone who does not like this season?
Each season has its own beauty, but you must admit that spring never fails to cheer our heart back to the appearance of the first flowers.
It is an instant joy after a long and cold winter.
Spring is the most beautiful “Hello”! But more than all, spring is a wonderful period for long walks in nature. And what makes these walks even more beautiful, if not the most delicious coffee or fresh orange juice from Velo Café, Nomad or Avenue Coffee.


We are sure that each of you tried at least one of their drinks, they are in some way one of the biggest announcers of spring in our capital. Whatever you choose, there are a lot of people- young, old, parents with children, and a bunch of pets all waiting for a drink.  Ideal for early morning awareness, for refreshment throughout the day, and for a new photo or Instagram story. With them, the Central Park in Skopje got a more beautiful charm that none of us could imagine.


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