Your favorite coffee place

None morning ritual cannot be imagined without a cup of coffee.
Coffee is peace and enjoyment. Magical potion on Monday morning and love inspiration in these sunny spring days. The smell of coffee is a smell of pure happiness. A pleasure that has always existed and is a symbol of comfort wherever you drink it.

Strong, black, with milk and foam, in a plastic or porcelain cup, there is a lot of choices. Coffee has its own seductive history, which carries the magic of distant lands and cultures. Drinking the first sip of coffee, the way, and the emotion is extremely important because coffee is consumed differently from other drinks.



Smiles, conversations, a smell of freshly ground coffee and beautiful desserts …
Everything in one place and on the busiest street in our Skopje.
Broz café will awaken in you a wonderful feeling from the very beginning, allowing you to enjoy the diverse flavors of coffee, as true lovers. Imagine just the beautiful chocolate caramel tart in combination with a cup of freshly ground coffee – a perfect blend of flavors and scents for every part of the day.


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