Top platforms for digital marketing

Each agency has its own techniques and tools that it uses, but still when you are in online marketing business at the certain moment will surely appear certain software that you will have to use or simply try it out. This digital era offers a wide choice of tools, and each new tool requires time and money investment, so choosing wrong and later switching to another can be a problem. While there is no way to know what the future holds, one thing is certain: there is no business that wants to be in that 80% that fail within 18 months.


Hubspot is the easiest software for marketing automation, which provides all the necessary tools for improving and managing each online marketing strategy. This company allows all professionals the possibility for advanced segmentation of e-mail, limitless integration opportunities, gather information about new clients as well as attract potential customers with attractive blog posts, infographics, e-books, and videos. The most basic features of this software can be used for free, but there is also a large selection of packages such as a package for professionals that costs $ 800 per month.


Marketo is an advanced tool that with its wide range of features, options and packages allows marketing professionals to save time and create marketing campaigns for multiple channels. This company has over 100,000 users worldwide, offering software that is made for flexible online marketing strategies and is commonly used for account-based marketing, mobile marketing, and digital advertising. Marketo also contains customized solutions for various industries, including health, technology, financial services, manufacturing, the media and higher education.
The package for professionals that Marketo offers is $ 1,795 per month.


Gleamapp is more than a simple software for organizing competitions. This tool offers a wide range of applications with which businesses can increase their email list, show their visual content, increase user engagement with prizes and organize competitions that encourage users to undertake any kind of action to enter the competition, for example, social media monitoring, email subscribing and watching videos. This tool can be used for free, the paid version is much better and costs only $ 39 per month.


Unbounce is an incredible tool for quickly building, placing and publishing new landing pages for testing. The main goal of this tool is to help marketers and digital agencies increase the conversation of their web pages and campaigns, and as such has helped to achieve over 250 million conversations for marketers around the world. One of the biggest features of this tool is a large selection of templates, the ability to quickly and easily design and integrate with several tools. Unbounce offers a trial period of 30 days, and after that period, the price for its use is $ 49 per month.


Qpick is a new application on the Macedonian market, which enables businesses promotion using digital flyers and distributes them to customer smartphones at the right time. With this mobile application, you get the opportunity to collect data on who gets the flyers, when and where. The registration of this platform this month is free, so use the opportunity to promote your business in a new, innovative way.

Modern marketers are expected to be in millions of places at once, but no matter what they do, one thing is clear – the reliance on the right tools for digital marketing does not mean just saving time and money, but also a guaranteed success.


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