Unique jewelry that will differ you from the others

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

You surely know that every piece of jewelry has a soul, but handcrafted jewelry has its own unique soul created with too much love and creativity. This jewelry has so many different variations, but in our territories, filigree is the one that brings us in the past because it’s part of our heritage.

The art of creating filigree jewelry consists of a solid bending of a gentle silver that creates beautiful congruent shapes, and the complexity lies in the introduction of the element of space into what would actually be a solid object. This is precisely the essential element that separates the filigree from all other types of jewelry, as well as a particularly sophisticated taste, the feeling for unusual creations and most importantly the love for this art.

Eklektika is such a modern story created by two jewelry designers in the heart of the old Skopje Bazaar – Kapan An. And while Monica says that her design is mainly the result of the happy outcomes, Aleksandar’s main inspiration is the soul of the particular person for whom he is making jewelry. But in spite of this, they always complement one another and thus create pieces of jewelry that are unique and unrepeatable, and their eclectic style is what makes them recognizable and unique.


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