Month: February 2018

10 факти зошто инстаграм е важен за бизнисите

Нема сомнение, станува збор за една од најмоќните платформи за социјално вмрежување со големо ветување за бизнисите. Единствената можност – прикажувањето преку визуелна содржина и широкиот спектар на филтри придонесува за поинаков изглед и чувство на сликите, а…

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How to save money on marketing

Utilizing marketing strategies is the most important part of running a business. However, even the best marketing strategy may be too expensive for the business. Companies need to try and implement marketing strategies that will prove to be…

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Should businesses shift away from social media marketing?

Although social media marketing strategies are being utilized by almost every company on the market and although their usage is continuously growing, they may not prove as beneficial for businesses as it may seem. In 2017, social media…

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The future of shopping

Shopping is no longer considered as a simple action of visiting stores in person and buying goods, but it is an online action that can be conducted by using online services offered on the Internet. Throughout the years,…

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This is why online businesses sell more

Online promotion is the implementation of electronic devices in the process of offering products or services to consumers. Businesses need to enforce the online promotion as part of their digital marketing strategy in order to increase the number…

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