Four Customer retention techniques that really work

We know that in the business, you want customers to keep coming back. Researches show that a 5 percent increase in customer retention results in 25 percent more business profit. It is easier to keep existing customers because they already trust your brand.
So, if you wonder how can you keep your customers engaged without being annoying, here are four techniques that many successful businesses use to keep their customers coming back:

Help your customers solve a real problem

If you want to build a long term relationship with your customers, one smart move is to help them solve the real problem that has been bothering them for quite some time. There is a lot of content on the internet these days, but not all of it is helpful. You can share advice, tips, and ideas on buying the best products and how to use them properly.
When you are showing up in your client’s Facebook feed, you need to make sure that you push content that teaches or ads value. They will respect this approach and value your brand more because of your value-adding content.

Target customers with special offers

To tailor your approach to each customer, you need to gather as much information about them as possible.
With the help of your CRM software, you can check out your customer’s purchase history, and you can decide what kind of offer will be most suitable for each individual. In this way, you can increase relevancy, which will trigger customers to think about your brand more often.
You need to be creative and discover ways to revive their interest, so you can later convert it into an actual purchase! Observe what your buyers want and offer them the perfect product for their needs!
Also, you can create a list of all customers who haven’t purchased for a more extended period but are still subscribed to your newsletter. Then send them a special offer deal on new products, so they will notice that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Send engaging emails to customers

Emails are a great way to keep a relationship with your customers after their initial purchase. But, you can’t just send any email. Each message you send should add value to your customer’s experience because if not, there is a high risk that you will lose them. In the beginning, you need to create a few follow-up emails. A week after a customer’s first purchase, send them a thank you email for making that purchase. This will trigger a positive reaction and will make your customers feel good about their decision to buy that particular product from you. Furthermore, you can recommend some products that complement their first purchase and include customer reviews as well.
After the initial follow-up email, it is recommended that you send personalized messages regularly. You can send invitations for upcoming sales and promotions for new products, so you can keep the conversation going with first-time buyers.

Reward your most profitable customers

Your CRM software has information that can show you which of your accounts are most useful. You need to focus on keeping those customers because they are your key accounts. If you know who brings you the most revenue, you will be able to allocate your time and resources efficiently.
If you want to increase their loyalty even further, you can give them some awards, like discounts, free products, or limited edition products. It is up to you.
All you need to do is to create a list of your VIP customers in your CRM software, so you can start to inform them about the rewards. This will make them feel special, and they will continue to be your most profitable customers!

Whether you choose one of these strategies or a combination of them, remember that you need to offer customers what they want and need.

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