5 Best Burger Places in Ljubljana

“So, where are we going to eat?” is probably one of the hardest questions. There are many options, but each one of them has a unique quality – and this is why it’s so hard to decide. If your mind is set on a tasty burger, we are going to help you decide in only 3 minutes.

1. Hood burger 

A fast-food favorite! Their burgers have that American-style that takes it to another level. From the homemade potato buns to their real French fries – the taste quality it’s amazing!  Everything is cooked fresh, so you don’t have to worry about a saggy or stale meal. The service is not as fast as some rivals, but they work with pagers so you can chill with a beer or some kind of a drink while you wait for your freshly cooked, mouth-watering burger.

2. Lars & Sven Burgers

Lars & Sven not only has amazing burgers but also it’s an amazing company. All the ingredients that they use are sourced from local butchers and farms throughout Slovenia. Their baked goods come from the Janez Levec Institute for people with special needs. Other than that the stuff is amazing and the atmosphere is very pleasing. Veggie burgers are kind of their specialty, so if you are a vegetarian you will enjoy this place very much.

3. Pop’s Place

If you are in the city centre, Pop’s Place is just a couple of steps away! This ‘burger bar’, uses 100% Slovene beef aged in-house. If you are allergic to gluten, at Pop’s Place you can enjoy a gluten-free meal. Besides the outstanding burger menu, the ribs are also a must-try. The staff is always super polite and welcoming, so you will have not only good burgers but also a pleasant atmosphere.

4. Kavarna Tiskarna

Situated around urban buildings, Kavarna Tiskarna also known as Printhouse Cafe is a perfect place for a sunny day. It’s centered around a big terrace which means you will enjoy the sun to the fullest. Their burgers are great, juicy, very tasteful, and also big enough for a good dinner. To make things even better, they have a variety of different toppings for your french fries. If you are looking to hang out with your friends and enjoy the urban atmosphere, then this is the place for you.

5. Burger Time

Located on the legendary Trubar Street, Burger Time is the place to grab a quick bite during a busy day. Fantastic meat, great bread, and very friendly service are just some of the things that make this place worth visiting! Their well-known beef burger in a dark bun is truly unique and cooked with high-quality ingredients.

Final thoughts

Finally, to give an answer to your question: If you don’t usually eat burgers and it’s your “cheat day” then Hood Burger is a must-try. You can check out Lars & Sven if you are looking for more of a light burger or great vegetarian options. If you just finished shopping in the city centre and you don’t want to travel too much for a good meal then Pop’s Place is an excellent choice. It’s a sunny day and you want to grab lunch with your friends? Head over to Kavarna Tiskarna. You don’t have the time to sit down for a few hours and you just want to grab a quick bite? Burger Time is your best option.

We hope that we answered your question! If we solved your dilemma make sure to check out our app Qpick where you can find other food and shopping places and always be up to date with the promotions around you.

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