Best destinations for Easter in Europe

An increasing trend is the celebration of Easter – the largest Christian holiday outside the home, at a destination within or beyond the borders of the country. Citizens are more likely to decide to use the extended weekend and travel outside of their city. If you want to celebrate Easter far from your home, and you have no idea where we have some great suggestions for you:

Corfu, Greece

Easter is the largest religious event in Corfu and people start celebrating it one week before the holiday. The celebration begins with a procession, and the next few days are marked with music events, poetry evenings and church songs. On Saturday – at midnight, thousands of residents and tourists gather in the main square and the holiday is marked with hundreds of fireworks. The celebration continues all night, people eat a soup known as “Cilicurda”, lots of wine and Easter cakes known as “Fogaca”. Easter on Corfu will be an experience that you will surely never forget.

Rome, Italy

Rome is always a great destination for traveling, so the extended weekend is a real opportunity to peek into the heart of Italy. Rome is rightly referred to as the name Eternal City, because it is magically intertwined in history and architecture, which are more than 3,000 years old. There is no doubt that this city is unique in its characteristics and that is why it is the number one choice for millions of tourists every year. Rome will enchant you with its ancient monuments, magnificent palaces, colorful squares, Renaissance fountains, romantic facades… It is true that all roads lead to Rome, so there is no doubt that you will spend a wonderful and different Easter!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is another great destination for Easter! This city is known for its beautiful culture, wide boulevards and cobbled streets, romantic bridges and picturesque houses. With the merger of the three cities – Budim, Obuda and Pest, today’s Budapest, which is the cultural, scientific and commercial center of Hungary, has arisen. If you are a fan of history, art and architecture then you will make the right decision if you choose this city for your Easter journey!

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