Artificial Intelligence – teaming up Marketing and Sales

There is no question that having a great product at the right price is crucial when talking about the success of your business, but buyers’ purchasing criteria are now changed, and their expectations are much higher. Some studies point that even 81 percent of buyers today base their purchase on buying experience, rather than product or price.
This is the result of buyers’ expectations for a more personalized experience that offers relevant content according to their needs.

So, if you want to succeed in this competitive market, your sales and marketing teams need to coordinate their strategy in how they approach, persuade, and nurture their potential and existing customers.
You need to encourage them to adopt new technologies for their marketing and sales strategy, so they can better determine and then replicate the best content for their target audience.

Create the most relevant content

If you consider a recent study that says that salespeople use around 17 pieces of content to enable the selling process, you might start investing more in developing high-quality content for all stages of the buyer journey.

Sales teams already have access to big libraries of content, then are meant to help them when engaging with customers. But, testing which content will suit best for making a deal can be pretty challenging and exhausting since there are plenty of different factors to consider. Job title, geographic location, age, and gender are only a few of the most critical factors.This is where artificial intelligence can help.
Instead of putting a lot of pressure onto a salesperson on deciding what the best is, AI can provide you with new content that was proven to be successful in similar situations and with the same customers.
Driven by data, AI tools can recommend the seller specific content that has been already used and has generated positive outcomes. The salesperson can deliver more relevant content to a particular customer by using these recommendations.

Significant data can help you gain high power

There is no doubt that you can create a compelling sales strategy with the help of AI. As you already know, to make more deals, you have to share more relevant and personalized messages and social media campaigns. But, for AI to help you, you have to provide it with great data.

You cannot focus solely on the algorithms behind your AI, without working on the data that is a necessity for this process. The algorithms that you build will be meaningless if there is no proper data. So, before start using your AI tools, your job is to collect a lot of data that will help you understand the communication between buyers and sellers interact in both ways.
The more data you accumulate on seller interactions and buyers’ feedback, the more relevant content recommendations will become.

Now is the time when sales and marketing should start working together and give buyers what they want in terms of engaging, relevant content, and buying experiences. AI tools are capable of delivering those content-driven experiences that will push buyers to close the deal. Qpick is one new platform that also uses AI to provide shoppers with the best shopping experience while allowing businesses to target the right audience.

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