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Spring in Skopje Central park

Spring – Is there anyone who does not like this season? Each season has its own beauty, but you must admit that spring never fails to cheer our heart back to the appearance of the first flowers. It…

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Flowers and its beauty

Flowers are part of the most important occasions in every individual’s life. They speak beyond the ability of words and have the power to express the deepest feelings. For many people, they also represent a deep connection with…

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Facebook marketing in 2018

This period, especially for the past two months, Facebook has lost confidence in more than 100,000 companies, as a result of the new algorithms and high prices that have drastically changed the advertising on this network.This actually meant…

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Unique jewelry that will differ you from the others

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel You surely know that every piece of jewelry has a soul, but handcrafted jewelry has its own unique soul created with too much love and…

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Top platforms for digital marketing

Each agency has its own techniques and tools that it uses, but still when you are in online marketing business at the certain moment will surely appear certain software that you will have to use or simply try…

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World consumer rights day

Did you happen to buy a product that did not meet your needs? Did you have the opportunity to use your consumer rights and return it or replace it with another? We all know that these rights did…

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Marketing trends that will mark 2018

If we make a small review, we can notice that every year there are many articles about marketing trends that companies strive to follow in order to see what is most relevant to their business. This year, as…

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Tricks that will help you save money while shopping

Have you already spent the last penny of your budget? Saving money does not always mean buying the cheapest product, but to find ways to help you pay the best price for what you are buying. Regardless of…

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Print media in digital era

It’s been quite a while since the debate over traditional marketing vs digital marketing has been going on. But still, we can’t give a concrete answer which type is best for businesses to use. The main reason for…

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Free tools for creating stunning graphics for your business with no experience

A picture is worth a thousand of words! These days, it’s not just “nice” to add visuals to your online content, it’s necessary. Statistics said that nearly 70% of costumers consider visual information about a product to be…

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