Free tools for creating stunning graphics for your business with no experience

A picture is worth a thousand of words!
These days, it’s not just “nice” to add visuals to your online content, it’s necessary.
Statistics said that nearly 70% of costumers consider visual information about a product to be very important. People love visuals and visual content is more likely to go viral.

But in today’s digital world of constantly changing and improving you also need to make sure that your visuals are clear, precise and meaningful for the followers eyes- something that will make them click, share and keep watching for the next great thing. But we all know that not everyone can afford a great team of graphic designers or the time to learn advanced Photoshop. So, luckily for all of us there are number of great and simple to use online design tools,and some of them are even free.

Without further ado, here are the best designing tools:


Available for: Web, Android, iOS
Free / Premium from $9.95 per month

Canva is one of the first entrants who solved this problem and therefore is no surprise that it was an instant hit. It doesn’t matter if you never designed an image in your life! With the free version of Canva you have on reach of your hand super easy tutorials who can help you easily use a large library of images, icons, text styles and shapes, and you can even upload your own graphic. They also have a premium plan who offers unlimited storage, access to 300,000 assets and templates, custom fonts, transparent backgrounds and more.


Available for: Web, Android, iOS
Free / Premium from $6.95 per month

Desygner is often described as a very similar but more easy to use app than Canva. This is thanks to the friendly layout that makes every option recognizable and easy to use. It helps the users create and design websites, posters, letters, presentations and various marketing materials. Desygner also comes with thousand of royalty-free images ready to use, allows the users to add personal content from many sources and offers thousand of vector arts, stickers and backgrounds.


Available for: Web, Android
Free / Premium from &19 per month

DesignBold features are a bit more geared towards marketeers, but It is also an online graphic design tool that aims to empower everyone from everywhere to create stunning designs for web or print. The main advantage of this tool over others like Canva, is its huge selection of stock photos. DesignBold even has perfect pre-built templates for every type of work such as infographics, charts, instagram posts or party-invitations and the storage is never an issue as it is unlimited.


Available for: Web
Free / Premium from $10 per month

Snappa is an all-purpose design tool that simplifies graphic design enough to be used by an average person.This tool is so much fun because offers collaboration among the team while working on same project. With this marketers and entrepreneurs are able to create graphics for ads, social media, display ads, landing pages or blogs in a faster way. Snappa also runs an additional side project called StockSnap which is a recourse of royalty free images that can be used for both personal or commercial projects.


Available for: Web
Free / Premium from $10 per month

Stencil app enables small businesses, social media marketers, and bloggers to prettify images to generate stunning social media posts, content marketing visuals, ad graphics, email images and more. It presents a rich set of features that can be used both by tech-savvy or a beginner, such as background photos, amazing templates, quotes, easy customization and chrome extension. This tool can be used without registration, but if you want to save changes you have to create account.

No matter if you are newbie or professional, this graphic design tools will take your designing skills to a next level. But more than that they will offer you an easy way to stand out from the herd and leave your mark.


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