Location-based advertising – why is it so important?

Location-based marketing is an amazing campaign strategy for every brand who wants to keep old customers and attract new ones. The main goal when creating these types of strategies is to build customized and targeted campaigns that are tailored to consumers in one specific place. With the development of GPS mobile devices, it is extremely easy nowadays for brands to discover where their customers are at a specific moment and when it is the perfect time to reach out to them. There are so many tactics that you can use (messages or push notifications) to trigger some kind of action – make your client enter the store, make a purchase, etc.

So, if you are still asking yourself why location-based marketing is so important, here are the most relevant reasons why you should start using it:

1. It’s Personalized And Measurable

From previous studies, we have learned that personalized messages give better results when it comes down to engagement than the generic messages, and the results are pretty much the same when using location-based advertising. This type of advertising is extremely personalized because it is based on a customer’s shopping experience, specific location, app downloads, and many other factors. Discovering what your clients are interested in and personalizing your message to them, is a much better approach, then making blanket offers hoping they might want what you’ve got.

2. Timing, timing, timing!

As we already said, location-based advertising is very personalized, so this creates an opportunity for the brands to reach their clients and potential customers when their offers are accessible and most convenient. The timing is one of the best strengths of location-based ads. With this strategy, you can target people at precise moments and increase your brand visibility, so there are greater chances for someone to purchase your products or services.

3. It’s targeted

There are no more excuses for displaying generic ads. These days, there is so much data available for marketers for them to target the specific messages. A lot of people are using ad blockers, simply because they are often irrelevant. So, if the ads are targeted in the right way, the chances for them to be blocked or ignored will be a lot lower. Since people in different locations act differently, localized ads provide a great opportunity for proper targeting. If you are good at targeting, you will spend less time and money on advertising.

So, if you are interested in location-based advertising, but you are not sure where or how to begin, we have the perfect solution for you!

Qpick is a platform that enables small retailers and merchants to use location-based ad promotions using Artificial Intelligence to only go to the right shopper, not bothering someone who is not interested in the particular offer. Our company offers to advertise your business in a very creative way, to achieve your goals and provide faster growth. Also, with the help of the mobile application, we can collect data for your customers, like who gets the flyer, when and where.

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