Best destinations for Easter in Europe

An increasing trend is the celebration of Easter – the largest Christian holiday outside the home, at a destination within or beyond the borders of the country. Citizens are more likely to decide to use the extended weekend…

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5 ways to shop smarter

We all know that shopping can often be a stressful process and it often happens that you spend much more than you planned, or you can buy some piece of clothing that you later realize it was not…

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Digital marketing – How to start

You have probably heard about it and you might have used it without knowing exactly what is it about. Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing simply means promoting your business with the help of an internet connection. It refers to…

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3 beauty trends that will dominate this season!

If you are obsessed with makeup, you are probably wondering if you will have to renew your collection or the trends will not change significantly. What is certain is that this year brings color and energy to our…

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Digital marketing mistakes you should avoid

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, provide a relatively easy method to reach your target audience and therefore, they play a really important role in marketing. It is essential to raise awareness about your products or services,…

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MUST-HAVE fashion accessories for this spring

Fashion accessories are a great way to give your style a new fresh look and use some bright colors. For this Spring, the designers presented unique fashion accessories that would break the monotony of any outfit. See which…

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You still haven’t bought a gift for Women’s day?

Only a few days remain until the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day, which is the symbol of the struggle for equality of women around the world. Given the short period of time, the question about what…

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Choose a unique gift for international Women’s day

8th of March is the International Women’s Day, which is celebrated every year. The day marks the struggle of women for social, economic and political equality with men. That’s why, this is a real occasion to give something…

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Top shopping destinations on the Balkans

The holiday season has passed, and for those who are thinking of going shopping, this time of the year is the right time to take advantage of the numerous discounts, while avoiding the big crowds. In addition, we…

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5 Marketing trends for 2019

The new 2019 has arrived and it has brought new expectations and predictions about what will be “in” in the field of digital marketing. An increasing number of companies create their own marketing strategies and budgets based on…

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