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A few months ago Qpick joined Startup Wise Guys program in Lithuania with 12 other B2B SaaS startups and we are about to launch our product in Vilnius. The retail landscape of Vilnius is amazing and the culture of small store shops is a perfect fit for Qpick.

A quick intro, Qpick is a tech that aims to help conventional retailers with physical stores to convert online – offline impressions into store visitors. Through multiple digital and analog channels, we allow retailers to build a relevant audience and work with them more effectively.

We couldn’t be happier that world-famous organizations start recognizing our worth, our ideas and our goal. This was the perfect chance to present our dedication to improving retail advertising, especially for small retailers and what we’ve been working on countless days and nights.

For those who don’t know, Latitude59 is a startup and tech event in Estonia and it is an amazing opportunity for gathering people from all around the world, who are passionate about startups, investing and of course, the overall future of governance.

Its purpose is to keep the cozy festival vibe that it began with, but also to help establish relationships with regional startups, internal investors and potential business partners.

Listening to some of the veterans in the startup world and to the leaders in the digital industry was a great inspiration for our team and even though the event didn’t last too long, we had the chance to capture some of the most important moments of the event!

EstBAN presence was also very strong and a bit intimidating but having in mind that their purpose is to help startups by providing capital got the founders running all over the venue.

Pitching alongside with some of the most promising startups was challenging, but also a great chance for Qpick to revile its strong dedication and mission for support of the small retailers. Our CEO, Zoran Nasteski will continue building our presence in the Baltic region, so if you are around and you really wanna know how we fuse digital and analog, feel free to shoot him a message.

Some of the winning teams were Zelos Management team – the amazing startup who won 1st place, and whose goal is to activate teams of hundreds of volunteers and get rid of micromanaging.

Stay tuned, because we have so many more announcements and news that we would like to share with you!

What’s your impression from Latitude59? Will you participate next year?

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