Style guide: Pick the right hat for your winter look

A cozy scarf, cotton sweater, and leather coat are perfect for the cold winter days, but what you need to finish off that winter look is a fabulous hat. There are so many different options when it comes to hats, depending on your style or the occasion.
We present to you the latest hat trends, so you can check out what suits you best:


Berets look good on all women since they are very soft and have that classic look. Berets are usually made of cotton, wool, or acrylic and are a perfect choice for the cold winter days.
There is no right or wrong way for wearing a French chapeau, so you can wear it tilt on the side, center it on your head, or try something different. Pick black leggings, leather skirt, and a big sweatshirt that will match perfectly with your beret.

Wool Fedora

If you want to keep your fancy look for the winter days, you can’t go wrong with wool felt fedora. It has a soft brim and a center crease, which will give a little sass to your overall style. You can combine this hat with an oversized sweater and leather boots for a perfect daytime look. Or, if you want to combine it for a night out in the town, wear it with a winter dress and black coat.

Cossack Hat

In case you are dealing with extremely low temperatures, a Russian cossack hat will keep you warm. This hat is perfect if you want to add a sophisticated edge to a dull winter look. The cossack hat for ladies is a must-have hat style for this season, so make sure you get one.

Whatever you decide, women’s winter hats have plenty to offer when it comes to style and substance. Be sure to check out the latest Holiday deals and new promotions on Qpick before going Christmas shopping!

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