The biggest Handbag trends for Winter 2019

If you still haven’t seen the newest bag trends for fall/ winter 2019-2020, now is the right time to do it. There is an excellent mixture of trends this year, from brand new trends to new twists on old trends. The colors and prints are more serious compared to the previous season, but you will discover some oddly shaped bags. The tiny bags are inn right now, as well as the soft bags that give a little sense of comfort. So, why don’t you tell us which of these winter 2019 handbags do you like best?

1. Double Bagging

We are not sure where this idea came from, but we appreciate the extra space that it gives. More bags equals more compartments, so if you want to include something more than just a regular big bag, this is the perfect choice for you. Despite the initial skepticism, people seem to like it a lot. You can check out double bags at Givenchy, Miu Miu, and Fendi.

2. Mini Bag Comeback

Micro handbags are a big trend every year since they first appeared, so we’ve seen them once again for the fall/ winter 2019-2020 season. These mini bags are perfect for a night out and are usually hung on a strap that can be worn cross-body.
If you are looking for the tiniest bag, then you should check Jacquemus.
You can find flat leather mini bags, flask-shaped bags, or the ones that are shaped like little cylinders.

3. Snakeskin Leather Bags

We can see the snakeskin leather incorporated in the winter 2019 print trends, in winter 2019 shoes, and of course, in the winter 2019 purse trends. This leather gives a more exciting and more luxurious look to the bags. It also provides a touch of brightness and texture to the handbags. You can check out the small saddlebags covered in dark snakeskin, that are perfect for an evening dinner party.

Make sure that you pick the right handbag for the new season that will be a perfect match to your overall look. Or maybe pick more than one, since purses and bags are never enough!

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