Top 5 Fashion Ateliers in Bucharest

When it comes to fashion, Romanians are trendy people who love street fashion as much as they love their coffee shops. Luckily the changes in the city are noticeable not only for consumers and shopaholics but for museum lovers and people appreciating architecture.

While locals do most of their shopping in the shopping centers, shopping in Bucharest is not limited to the malls. There are many shopping options in Bucharest, and the shopping areas are spread all over the city so you can find what you need almost anywhere. That’s why we have selected the top 5 ateliers in Bucharest:

1. Lyly Fashion

LEATHER AND EMBROIDERY WORKSHOP-Lyly Fashion offers a wide range of custom clothing with unique and personalized designs, with the help of which you can be stylish in any situation. For any clothing need, browse our clothing collection and choose what represents you today!

Each of their designs start from these values ​​and the result is always ready to give their customers the opportunity to shine wherever our creations take them. The clothes they make are not just clothes, but the product of our principles, adapted to market trends and the requirements of their customers.

They also offer retouching and tailoring services.

2. Stada Boutique

Boutique Stadium was born out of love for women and a passion for beauty. In society, clothes contribute to the presentation of the personality and state of each of us, that’s why their team creates new models of clothes every day that you can wear with pride. If by fashion we mean that we have to approach a healthy lifestyle, to be always up to date with the trends and recommendations of the big fashion houses, then they guarantee that on you will always find clothes created according to the advice of the giants in the fashion world.

3. Alina Cernatescu

Alina Cernatescu is a Romanian design couture brand founded in 2015 by the Alina Cernatescu and Elena Cernatescu sisters. Their style is a manifesto for the art of sensuality. The designs include elegant drapery and original trademark embroideries, exclusively handcrafted in the ateliers supervised by the Alina Cernatescu team. Currently, they work on four fashion lines: Eveningwear, Cocktail, Homewear and Premium Daywear. They work with carefully selected fabrics that we carefully shape to sculpt feminine silhouettes.

 All products are proudly handcrafted in Romania.

4. Adola Lucescu Concept Store

Here’s what they have to say about their vision”

“ I’m a woman and I know how it feels like.

That’s why I created a custom-made dresses service, for every woman that wants to look perfect in a certain dress. Together with a team of professionals, with golden-hands, and thousands of materials and textures, we made a lot of women happy. And we proudly keep on doing it.

Just tell us what kind of model you wish and we will create it. With our own materials, irreproachable execution and expert advice.”

5. V:PM Atelier

They’re making it easier than ever to shop for evening wear. From their Bucharest studio, they are able to produce custom orders for their clients. Browse previous, current and future collections. If you love a style from their archive, they will remake one for you.

For those who live at the speed of a Shinkansen.

For those who see the world as an endless stage.

For those who channel chameleons.

For those with hungry hearts.

For those who walk on air.

For those who bend the lines between AM and PM.

FivePM is dedicated to them. A collection of evening clothes with an edge, easily morphable from day to night, inspired by the aesthetics of today.

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