Why You Have to Switch to E-Wallets in 2022

There is nothing worse than getting ready, going out, being late, and then realizing that you forgot your wallet at home. Don’t get me started on the constant hassle to check your pocket or bag if your wallet is still there. We spend so much time worrying about our wallets, and yet we still sometimes lose or forget them. What if I told you that there was a way to never worry about your wallet again?

Yes, you read that right. It’s called an E-wallet and it’s super practical. E-wallets are electronic versions of paying cards, authorized to do payments on your behalf. In other words, it is a software-based system that securely stores your payment information, connected to explicit change or Mastercard, which allows you to store your funds, make transactions and track payment history with your smartphone or computer. 

It’s super simple. All you have to do is download the supported application on your smartphone. After that, you will need to register and make an account with your personal information like: first name, last name and store your credit or debit card details on your device. Of course, this information is strongly private and not shared with anyone else besides yourself.

You are probably asking, is it worth making this switch? Well, here are some of the major benefits that will make you change your mind about classic wallets, and make you get an e-wallet:

1. Easy, practical and fast checkout

The biggest benefit from having an electronic wallet is its practicality. When you wish to make a purchase, at the cash register, you just need to swipe your phone on the scanner, enter your security password, and the buying is done! You want to use your coupons and gift cards? Besides having your wallet in an electronic way, it also has the ability to store your discount coupons, loyalty cards and gift cards. Next time you go out, just take your phone and you are good to go. The days of bringing additional belongings are gone.

2. Safest option for your money

Nobody can steal your wallet now and spend all you got. Even if you accidentally lose your phone, nobody can access your money. For each purchase or transaction, a different code is created making it a lot safer than plastic credit cards. Additionally, the E-Wallet app even makes sure that you use a screen lock so nobody can get into your phone. With all that, it is certain to say – Digital wallets give you a more secure way to do online and in-person transactions.

3. Impact on savings and spending

In this way, you have an overview of everything – from how much money you have spent, to how much you have left. This helps you with the process of more effectively managing your own money. Another way of saving through your e-wallet is just by making a purchase. With that, you get access to special deals and offers, as well as numerous coupons and sometimes even products. So, grab your phone and start e-wallet-ing!

Millions of people around the world have already taken a step in the world of electronic wallets, even the stores are adapting to this new trend. The time has come when we need to focus on our spending, and to take into consideration how valuable what we have is. With e-wallets, the world is changing for the better – less fraud, more convenience, and more smart-money management.

That’s why our Qpick App is becoming an e-wallet this year. We say, take a step and start your positive change with Qpick!

Working with thousands of retailers and consumers we are first-hand familiar with the challenges consumers face and this motivated us to enable full digital experience for shoppers, from personalized offers to smart ways to create your shopping list and finally pay even before entering the store. Be on a lookout for new version of Qpick in your city, full eWallet. If you are interested in seing this sooner please fill this form

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