Winter Coats and jackets: Women’s trends for this season

We certainly love winter because it brings up the Christmas spirit and the time where we enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace. But most of all, because this time of the year is when the best shopping happens — new boots, bags, scarves and most importantly – a new coat. If you can get the coat that suits you best, you’ll be wearing it all the way from now until spring arrives. That means less time and less money spent.

When you are shopping for a winter coat, you need to keep your lifestyle and location in mind. Whether you want something stylish to keep you warm from the office to the train station, or maybe A full-on duffle coat for extremely low temperatures?
But, don’t worry, some coats can make you both warm and looking hip at the same time. So, no matter the style or the materials that they are made of, we’ve made a list of different coats that can match every woman’s style. Take a look:

Cool winter parka

When choosing a winter jacket, what you need to look for is a classic parka style and a rugged design that will last for decades.
If you are into winter sports like skiing or hiking in the snow-covered forest, then you need to buy a parka that can keep you as warm as possible.
Make sure that you pick a cool parka that can handle the extreme cold and powerful snow.
When it comes down to the materials, look for a jacket that is made from a blend of recycled polyester on the outside, and organic cotton that’s durable.
So, if you go shopping for a jacket, make sure that it has a rugged design, good color options, and check if it is warm and water-resistant, so you’ll know that it is made to last.

Wool winter coat

It is not essential to have a down jacket, to stay warm in winter — the wool Coat can do the same job, but it will give you some style too. If you don’t like puffer jackets, wool is warm enough to help you stand the cold temperatures and gives you more sophisticated looks. What you need to buy is a coat with a simple, timeless silhouette that will go with anything. Also, make sure that you pick the right color, like grey, burgundy red, or maybe traditional olive green.
A lined wool jacket would be warm enough for colder climates, and it will give you a sophisticated silhouette that goes perfect with different formal outfits.

Professional-looking coat

If you are looking for a sophisticated winter coat, then what you need is a chic wrap coat, which has both the warmth and the functionality of a puffer jacket. A lot of traditional winter jackets don’t go well with a professional wardrobe, so you need to be careful when picking up one. What you need to look for is a wool wrap coat that has down lining. A thick belt on the waist for a lovely hourglass silhouette and a hidden zipper, so you can be sure that your jacket won’t fall open in the middle of a windstorm.
When choosing a color, the best option is black, because there is no better color when it comes to everyday outerwear.

We hope we helped you in picking the perfect jacket or coat for the new season. Make sure to check out Qpick, for more winter ideas.

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