World consumer rights day

Did you happen to buy a product that did not meet your needs?
Did you have the opportunity to use your consumer rights and return it or replace it with another?

We all know that these rights did not always exist, they were inspired by US President John F. Kennedy who sent a special message to the Congress on March 15, 1962, becoming the world’s first leader to raise the issue of consumer rights. This day, since 1983, has been marked by Consumer International organization with various campaigns in order to raise awareness of these rights. The organization consists of 220 members in 115 countries around the world.

The campaign for this year is “Making digital marketplace fairer“, which aims to increase the success of the 2017 campaign of #BetterDigitalWorld as well as to promote digital markets that are more accessible and safer for consumers around the world. At a time when Facebook, Instagram, and other digital platforms dominate everyday life, consumers must be aware of the impact these online services have on the market. E-commerce has changed the way people buy, offering consumers more opportunities and reaching sales of $ 2.29 trillion in the past 2017. But this also brings about a major global problem, which is that approximately 70% of consumers are worried about how much their digital payments are secure. That’s why this campaign calls for access to the fair and safe Internet for all, taking action against fraud as well as better protection of consumers online, which is expected in May 2018 in Europe to enter into force the data protection law.

Be part of this campaign and play your role by raising awareness of your rights regarding the authenticity and quality of products and services.


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